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Current Apps

D3-Lite v1.0 (Dominion Deck Designer)

The D3-Lite app is a special tool for fans of the Rio Grande game Dominion. This FREE version of the app has the following features:
  • Contains the original Dominion card set
  • Contains the Seaside exansion card set
  • Filtering options which allow you to turn on or off the individual sets
  • Filtering option to remove Attack Cards or Duration Cards
  • Randomization which returns 10 cards based upon the filters applied
  • Ability to sort the returned deck by Cost, Name or Set/Name
  • Built in Dice Roller with selectable die sizes (6,10,20,100)
D3-Lite Screenshot

MtG Tools - Lite v1.1

This FREE app for the WebOS platform contains the following features:
  • Duel Life Counter
  • Duel 20-Sided Random Dice Generator
  • New in Ver 1.1 - Advanced Mode includes Poison Counters
  • Hot-Link to Magic The Gathering's Gatherer Card Database
  • Hot-Link to Magic The Gathering's Rules Pages
MtG Tools Lite Screenshot

MtG Tools - Deluxe v1.1.1

Home Page
This app for the WebOS platform will include all of the features of the FREE version listed above plus all of the following:
  • Players Database - Creating your own player entries
  • Events Database - Record all of the events you and anyone in your player roster participate in
  • Deck Definition Database - This version allows you establish named decks and their basic configurations
  • Game Log - Allows you to record your wins/losses against the players, decks and events defined on your phone
  • Statistics - Displays statistics based upon your matches by Player, Deck, or Event
  • Life Counter to Game Recording - This feature lets you take a match scored on the Life Counter and log the results in the database

MtG Tools Deluxe Player View Screenshot

Coming Soon!

AnyGolf Scorekeeper

This app for the WebOS platform is for everyone that has wanted to track their golf scores - ANY golf score. The app is designed to be used with traditional Golf, Miniature Golf as well as Disc Golf.
Features that will be included are:
  • Player Database
  • Course Database - Define the courses you play including hole distance and par values for both Pro and Novice
  • Game Log - Record your scores and your friends as you play through your favorite course
  • Game Statistics - View statistics of your performance

Coming April 2011!

Future Projects!

D3 Deluxe

Dominion Deck Designer Deluxe will build upon the features included in the Lite version plus add capabilities which will include:
  • All existing Dominion expansion sets
  • Additional filters
    • Balance Attack and Defense cards
    • Balance cost of cards
    • Limit or Favor cards that add actions, cards or coins
  • Save/Retrieve Favorite Deck Configurations
  • Manually select 1 or more cards to the deck

Coming Summer 2011!

Retro Adventure

Remember the classic text adventures of days gone by. The objective here is to create that same excitement but with a twist using the capabilities of gestures to speed the navigation and actions. Create your own character class, adventure through both fantasy and Sci-Fi adventures.

Included will be the ability to create your own adventures and publish them to be shared by others.

Late Fall/Winter 2011